EDTC 6340

Advanced Applications of Technology

This course emphasizes the skills required of the Master Teacher of Technology certification including applications of: multimedia, web-based materials, desktop publishing, streaming media, and media currently used in scientifically based research of instructional technology applications in PK – 12 classrooms.
This course is now the first course in the series for the Technology Leadership in Education certificate.  We have a strong focus on the effective use of Social Media and Web 2.0 technologies in both education and the workplace. Even if you are not in K-12 education, you will find this course to be helpful and will provide you with important knowledge and skills that can be useful to you regardless of your workplace environment.


Date Assignment(s) Link to Work or Work Posted
Week 1 Assignments  Link  Copyright
Week 2 Assignments  Link  Resource Page
Week 3 Assignments  Link  Web 2.0 Tool Diigo
Week 4 Assignments  Link Web 2.0 Tool – Padlet
Week 5 Assignments  Link Professional Learning Communities – Jigsaw
Week 6 Assignments  Link  Web 2.0 Technology Presentation
Week 7 Assignments   Link  Web 2.0 Bonus Tool – Slideshare
 Week 8 Assignments   Link  Web 2.0 Tool – Screenr
 Week 9 Assignments   Link  Web 2.0 Tools – Google Docs with built in quiz
 Week 10 Assignments   Link  Web 2.0 Tool #4 – Timeline
 Week 11 Assignments   Link  Web 2.0 Tool #5 – Prezi

Resource Page

Web Tools