Managerial Support

The intention of this course is that it promote our value added services. Similar to other promotional endeavors, it is provided for the benefit of the learners and to encourage people who are interested in the subject, but hesitant to delve into genealogy research either as a hobby or more so and to nudge them in the right direction. This course and the directions and other free material will guide learners to our companies’ services in a gentle fashion.

Physical Aspects of the Site

The site chosen will be left to the learners’ individual choice; however, we shall recommend to the learner that he or she they have the necessary items such as internet access, a computer, printer and a designated area for their work. The designated work area should be a well-lit room with little or no distractions. Due to the fact that this is an online class, the learner will need to choose their own work site for the duration of this course.

Computer Requirements and Technological Aspect of the site

The learner will be required to possess at very minimal a computer with internet access. Tools required for this course would be for the learner to have a computer or laptop. The learner’s computer system will be required to have Microsoft Office Suite, (or a similar word processing program), an up-to-date internet browser, a printer, a digital camera or smart phone and Adobe Reader, which can be freely downloaded to read the files, guides and forms.

Social Aspects of the Site

This course is geared toward the independent learner who desires to become an independent researcher. There will be aspects of the course that will require collaboration, such as research questions and forum questions and/or discussions. The teacher and student relationship will be created by the collaboration that will take place during assignments where the instructor guides the student. There will be communication available between student and teacher which would also create that virtual classroom feel or connection.

Relevance to Skill to the Workplace

This course is a beginner class and as such all material covered is relevant to the field of genealogy that the learner may wish to pursue in a real world career or simply as a hobby. The material covered in this class will have characteristics that may increase the learner’s self-efficacy and personal knowledge of their historical place and family background. There are many features within the class that address the curation of resources and the value of researching the proper websites, and how to determine the value of the content found.

Given all the gathered information of intended learners, I foresee some difficulty in the design and development of the proposed instructional solution. The fact that the course is designed as a value added service will create additional challenges, not only in determining overall satisfaction, but determining if those that respond to survey form requests and responses are our fans, and how many people have we lost? Further evaluation of the number of users who actual complete the course and follow up to inquiry based forum posts and/or emails needs to be initially determined. The cost analysis needs to incorporate these factors.