Formative Evaluations

I asked for suggestions and comments from a small group of peers in my department.

I also went to my subject matter experts (SME) and instructor for references and ideas for the development and feedback of this course. My peers have experience in course content and in developing content for Blackboard CourseSites. The feedback sessions have been ongoing throughout the development of this project. I have collaborated with my SME via email when possible. The presentation of content and development of this course has been formulated from various ideas and the aforementioned feedback.

Specific actions taken to this course came from results offered from. These feedback and studies include:

Stakeholder evaluations

Evaluation of this course was ongoing throughout the development of this course. The general satisfaction and design creation is of the utmost important to all parties involved in this project.

Learner Evaluations / Small Group

Β The intent is to start evaluating the structure of how this course in laid out. The content and information is set to be fixed but the means of delivery would be up for change.

Areas of evaluations will include:

  • How well can the student access information? Is the content in each module easy to read? How do the tabs help you maneuver through the course? Did you identify any issues or misprint on the content?
  • What content would you like to see enhanced? If a redo cold be done what section of the course would you like to see modified? (if any) What would make this course more student friendly? (If any)
  • Did the video content help in any way? Was the content presented in the tutorial video useful? How often did you visit the tutorial videos? How would you use the tutorial video in any part of the course?
  • If you had to tutor a freshman content from section one, would the design used here suffice? If not, what do you see could make it better? What would you add onto the layout of section one? (if any)

Learner Evaluation / Field Test (Larger Group)

A better determination could be done once the initial evaluation with the small group has been completed. The second evaluation would be done in a larger group. The group would preferably be done with 10 learners that are respond to my request for feedback. Once again, these type of students would find the use of Blackboard familiar and due to the experience and knowledge of content with these type of course they could relate to the material. The second evaluation would be done strictly online. The group would be volunteers and willing participants.

Areas of evaluations will include:

  • The group will be asked what they liked and did not like to the course.
  • Was the presentation of content uniform, was the material easy to identify and access? Was the syllabus informative? Is the weekly outline accurate? Did the video tutorials helpful? What could be added or omitted in your opinion?
  • Were the questions relevant and proper to covered areas?
  • Do you have any suggestion that could improve the delivery of material covered?

Upon completion to the evaluations one final check will be performed. Anticipation of updates due to technical changes and reference material will be taken into consideration.

Summative Evaluation

This course is intended for learners that want and desire to learn about genealogy. Since this is a beginner course the content and information provided in this course should be relatively easy, but provide the foundational knowledge that will allow the learner to begin the task of creating a family tree in true genealogical fashion. The lessons should provide the knowledge and understanding regarding the standard developed by genealogists to complete family charts and trees. All students interested in signing up for this online course would be welcomed. This course could feed into a second course that would require the knowledge and experience from this course, as a prerequisite. I hope to be able to develop that course after this course has been completed.