Academic Motivation (ARCS)

Attention: The learner to this course will be pursuing a new endeavor by choice. The learner will be driven by their own self-interest in their understanding and knowledge of this material. The learners that will sign up for this course will do so for many reasons. Despite debates on the condition and definition of “family” in recent years, genealogy research, even as a hobby has experienced explosive growth.

Relevance: It has been said that those individuals that search for their roots experience an empowering and healing effect from the process. We all have individual situations that make our family history unique as well as exceptional; and this drives potential learners to enroll in a course such as this one. To discover their own history, roots and potential in this personal search.

Confidence: The learner will build their own confidence throughout their progression through the course. The hands-on projects and reading material will enhance the students’ knowledge of the subject no matter what level of expertise they may have. Practical exercises and tasks will aid in the learners cognitive thinking and provide much needed confidence in their own ability to complete their assignments and reach their own specific goals.

Satisfaction: Students participating in this class will have the ability to complete tasks that are related to the field of genealogy. The accomplishments performed through the course content will give the students genuine satisfaction. The ability to research, gather appropriate materials and maneuver through the complex maze of repositories will not only give the students relevance to the matter but should increase their satisfaction that they are on the right path in their personal pursuit of knowledge.

Education and Ability Levels

The level of education required for this course is basic or general knowledge. This usually translates to the learner being able to read and write at an 8th grade level. Students enrolling in this course must have the ability to read, write, communicate in a competent manner and the student must be able to follow directions. A basic, entry level understanding of computer technology is necessary. This includes the ability to complete, fill and modify forms, charts and other documents. This also includes the ability to save, modify and upload files and documents to the appropriate location within the learning management system or other website.

General Learning Preferences

This course is scheduled to be delivered entirely online and as such the general learning preference of an enrolled learner should be met if they self-enrolled. This class will address all aspects of an auditory, visual and tactile learning through the content that has been developed. This course has assignments that require the learner to read content online. Other assignments require the learner to complete hands-on projects that will require entry level motor skills and physical abilities. Students will be directed to video tutorials to demonstrate specific tasks that will be required.