Entry Behaviors

Beginners committed to learning how to research their family history, creating a family tree, and chart will develop these skills and experience in this course. The experience can lead to a rewarding hobby or even a career. The majority of potential students have some knowledge in family trees and charts. Required knowledge are:

  • The ability to use a computer
  • The ability to browse online
  • The ability to access Blackboard CourseSites
  • Basic knowledge of/and the ability to utilize jpeg, pdf, audio and video files.


Prior Knowledge of Topic

This is an introductory class and the experience and knowledge of the learners will vary widely. The pre-requisite a learner must have to enter this course is minimal and negligible. The instructor will have no real expectation from students except that they have been advised of the demand and challenges required in an online learning environment and that they agreed to those terms when they signed up for this course. The belief will be that since the learner is taking an online class they will have the basic tools such as a computer, printer and access to the internet.

The average learner undertaking a course such as this has a demonstrated interest in the subject and may have attempted this task before. Other learners will not have any experience in this field but do have the desire to learn about genealogy. There is another type of learner that has not yet made up their mind on if they want to take on this task that may be costly, time-consuming, and demanding to a degree.

Attitude toward Content and Potential Delivery Systems

It can be anticipated that most all learners will undertake this course with a positive attitude to begin with. The learner will become more familiar with Blackboard and the demonstrated methods of progressing through the class as they work through the modules. Learners will be expected to review, research, submit assignments and projects through the chosen delivery system, as well as quiz and test their knowledge.

It will be required for learners to be self-motivated, and each student will need to learn how to manage their time for this course. The learner should not lose focus and should understand that their immediate goal is in sight. This course can be the first of many other intermediate or advanced courses. This course is an introduction to genealogy and genealogy research. Students completing this course will range in experience and knowledge about genealogy. Some may wish to pursue this science of research and family history to further depths, and others will be content with this beginner level of understanding.