These learning modules are part of an online course in researching family genealogy. The intent of this online course will be to guide users through the introductory steps in creating a family tree, and to begin to collect their family genealogical roots and histories. An added value would be that the learner would purchase additional services offered by the website. For purposes of this project, we have asked a small group of volunteers to participate in the development of the proposed learning solution.
The idea is to create a solution for the many individuals that may need guidance in order to begin the process of researching their own genealogy, a task that has gotten easier since census data, marriage, birth and death records have been published online. However, the unique aspects of researching ones’ family history can be so much more fruitful if you can grasp the techniques and language genealogists are using and share in the data and files others can provide.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to guide those learners that are interested in tracing their family roots and compiling the information in interactive step-by-step training courses asynchronously.
Upon completion of this course the learner will be provided with a template of a family tree and chart to fill. The learners will be guided in the use online repositories, and other resources for family history and information. This course is designed to help learners beginning family research develop foundational research skills. The course will start learners on a rewarding journey of discovering their roots, without being overwhelmed. The majority of information in a traditional genealogy class is addressed to a specific audience, or too technical requiring advanced knowledge in genealogy. Much like a traditional online class, this class will require the learner to be self-disciplined with respect to the flow and demand of an online class. The learner will need to follow a regiment of reading, viewing demonstrations, projects and assessments.